Presentations and Lunch-Hour Programs for national and international schools

George Heriot School – Edinburgh, Scotland

When Scott Graham travels across Canada or to Great Britain he can offer presentations to various ages of youth. He also has lunch-hour workshops and parents presentations. Scott Graham can modify his teachings to suit the needs of your students.

Leadership builds character, character builds resilience, resilience builds the courage to be yourself – SG


The bullyfreeME presentation is an award winning presentation that inspires leadership and teaches anti-bullying strategies that work. Scott Graham believes that is youth understand they have the skills to becoming a leader they will have the confidence to use the anti-bullying strategies.

Topics include and are not limited to:

  • An accurate definition of bullying
  • Avoiding the bullying label
  • Walking away, ignoring and telling a trusted adult: When to use these strategies
  • Sticks and stone phrase: How this phrase has added to the problem
  • Becoming assertive: The most important steps in delivering a power message
  • Strength in Numbers
  • The bystander versus the up stander
  • How your friends affect your brand
  • Keeping yourself safe online
  • Gossiping and other passive aggressive forms of bullying
  • What would you do role-plays

Other Leadership Presentations

  1. Identity Leadership: Building a Strong Personal Brand
  2. Entitlement: How Entitlement Destroys Leadership Potetial
  3. Mental Health: How Does Character Development Effect Mental Health
  4. Literacy Presentation: How did Scott Graham go from a non-reader and writer to a bestselling author?
  5. Parent Anti-bullying presentations


The HEROES ACADEMY LUNCH-HOUR PROGRAM is designed for students ages 6 to 10. This program is offered during the lunch period. It follows the same registration process as IGNITE.

HEROES ACADEMY is an active leadership program that utilizes cooperative games, team building activities, role-plays and discussions to teach and reinforce leadership concepts. The club can run once or for a series of five workshops. Each session is tailored to the needs of the students. Parents cannot believe how excited their children are about becoming a leader. This program has encouraged children to pursue their personal best and look for ways of helping others. It makes a significant impact on the school community.

The IGNITE YOUTH PROGRAM is designed for youth ages 11 to 14 years of age. This program is offered during a lunch-hour period. It can be run as a one-time workshop or series of five workshops. The program can e tailored to the needs of the school. THE PROCESS: 1. Registration forms are provide by Scott Graham 2. The schools hands out and collects the registration forms 3. Parents register their children. 4. Program runs.

IGNITE is a youth leadership program designed specifically for students who want to define their own cool. Today’s youth is influenced by many negative influencers: the media, brands, vaping, social media and gaming. Ignite gives students an alternative.

IGNITE will give students strategies to build their brand to be positive, character-based and impenetrable. Youth need to have inner strength and a defined personal brand to be successful in this world.

IGNITE is for students who dare to stand up for what’s right, not be influenced by what other’s think and take an opportunity that will give them an advantage in life. IGNITE uses cooperative games, team building actives, and instruction. 

Leadership topics will be relevant to today’s youth: The Power of Responsibility, Building a Successful Personal Brand, Building Strong Relationships, Bullying, Anger Management, Peer Pressure, and Social Media.

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